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house viljoen



Dion approached us to complete an initial design by another architect. With a clear vision of what he wanted and a very sensible grasp on his budget, we changed the initial design significantly. But even with a very challenging site, no municipal water, restricted access and miles of red tape, Dion pushed forward with the determination of a dung beetle.

The result is a stunning and very unique house tailor-made for the occupants. A unique variation of materials, an obsessive placement of windows and selective placement of see-through roof sheeting makes the house warm and bright with a very definite connection to the outside world.

Dion’s vision was realised with his complete hands-on involvement, and we are very proud that we could be part of this process.

Dion Viljoen (072 433 7421 /
074 149 8988)

Architectural design, detailing, specifications.


Bo Langvlei Dunes, Wilderness, South Africa


House Viljoen
House Viljoen
House Viljoen
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